What HMI screen do you need?

To be successful with HMIs you have to combine the right hardware with expert HMI programming. This will provide a piece of equipment that can do everything you want it to. Plus, it will ensure that the user can do everything they need to. If you would like help with HMI design, IRS Consultants Ltd is a team that offer excellent results.

Screen choices

One of the most important choices you need to make is deciding what kind of screen the HMI will have. This is the direct link between the end user and the processes. As a result it must suit their needs.

There are generally three different options with screens. They are:


Some HMIs need to be very complex to control MES (manufacturing execution systems) or SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). You will find these in most industrial facilities, especially manufacturing. They tend to need an operating system like Windows. The panels also need to present a lot of info, similar to what you can see on a PC screen. They can also feature an array of buttons and switches to control PLCs.

Data handling

Another option is a large screen to showcase different types of data, including graphs, charts, and data logs. Here the user usually needs to receive continuous feedback. As a result the screen must be large enough to present all of this in a clear manner. There will likely also need to be visual cues such as alarms and lights.

Push button screens

Some HMIs don’t need to provide as much information to users. As a result they may primarily feature push buttons rather than displays for data. These are usually the smallest and simplest options.

Factors to think about

HMI ProgrammingWhile the end use will help to decide roughly what type of screen you need, there are several factors to look at when you settle on the specifics. Firstly, you need to think about the size. This will largely depend on how much info you need to present to the end user or how many components you need like push buttons and LEDs.

Secondly, you need to decide what touch type you need. There are different options here, including standard touch screens and more specialist products like Elo devices. Think about what the user will need to do. Will it be simple things like button presses and menu exploration? Or will they need to be able to move elements?

Thirdly, you have to think about resolutions. You must ensure the screen will have the necessary resolution to match what the software will be displaying. If not, it can be difficult for the user to see and analyse the information.

Finally, you need to think about the environment. Is it a setting where there will be a risk of damage? If so, you will need the screen to be more durable and easier to access for repairs. You may also want to stay away from an all in one product here; it may be better to keep the PC separate from the HMI to protect it.

Ask us about HMI programming and hardware selection

IRS Consultants Ltd works with all kinds of companies to provide the best HMI solutions. We understand the need to design HMIs that are efficient and support the end users. Plus, we factor in usability and potential risks such as environments with high moisture and ambient temperatures.

So, if you need an all in one service for HMI programming and panel manufacturing, we can help. Contact us today to give us more info about your processes and what you want the screens to show. We can then work with you to decide on a design and select hardware.