Electrical hardware design stages

Electrical hardware designOne thing our years of providing electrical hardware design has taught us is the importance of planning. A great plan can make the whole process a success, resulting in a reliable final product. To achieve this, it is wise to approach the design in stages. Below you can find out a little more about some of the most important ones so you can see what you should be looking at.

Technical requirements

The best starting point is to look at what you need the hardware to do. Here you should consider things like circuit analysis, integration, acceptance criteria, and more. The goal will be to create a product specification document that includes a great deal of detail. It should also look at any potential constraints.

Setting up

Next is to set up the project. We typically use Eplan for CAE projects because it offers several benefits like automatic parts and cable generation. However, we can also use other systems such as AutoCAD if the client prefers.

At this stage the aim is to look at important things like component selection. This is vital as the components need to meet performance, cost, longevity, and compliance requirements.


At this stage it is time to design the electrical schematics. Every schematic, no matter how complex, must be drawn carefully. It has to provide the right details of each circuit and also needs to meet all applicable guidelines. The client will need to sign off on the schematics.

Other considerations

Many people will think it will be a quick jump from finalising the schematic to manufacturing a prototype and production. However, it is vital to look at components, their placement, and mechanical constraints. It is also wise to think of things like the size, shape, mounting, and thermal performance of the final piece of hardware.


You also need to test before you go further. This will verify and validate the design, ensuring it meets the right criteria.

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